Advertising View Chart


**Remember this, your ad will get hits even if members are just trying to take a sneak peak inside without paying. They must view your ad first before registration can begin. We did it like this for those "Tire Kickers" who just like to window shop and not really participate. So your sites are guaranteed real unique views.**

Just refer 10 people to our text ad service that complete their text ad space purchase and see how you get above 1 Million hits if they all refer 10 people each.

Whenever someone visits the site with your referral url they will view your ad at the 1st position and when they join under you and promote with their referral url then their website will display your ad at 2nd position and so on..

You can see the demo chart below that will explain to you how much traffic you can get by just referring 10 people.


10 people join under you 1x10 Your website gets 10 hits
10 people join under each of them 10x10 Your website gets 100 hits
10 people join under each of them 10x10x10 Your website gets 1,000 hits
10 people join under each of them 10x10x10x10 Your website gets 10,000 hits
10 people join under each of them 10x10x10x10x10 Your website gets 100,000 hits
10 people join under each of them 10x10x10x10x10x10 Your website gets 1,000,000 hits
 Total hits your website will get : 1,111,110.

This is all assumption based on the fact that you and your network will sale text ad space to 10 people each , it can be more or less depending upon you and your networks efforts.

**IMPORTANT Disclaimer** The chart above shows you an estimate of how much traffic your advertising efforts will bring to your text ad promotion. This is NOT a money chart. At this site we will not boost , brag, or insinuate that you will make any certain amount of income. Yes, you can earn money here! How much will be determined by your own individual efforts and abilities. This is not a get rich quick program. Just a way you can get some much needed attention to your promotion that has been lacking, using other forms of advertising. We are truly the #1 way to get ad views to your website or service.